Brocante Market: The Place to Hunt for Vintage Decor/Furniture

If you’re not a resident of the St. Petersburg or Tampa Bay area then chances are you’ve never heard of the Brocante Market that takes place the first Saturday and Sunday of every month. However, you SHOULD hear about and so I will gladly be the one to open your eyes to the wonder that is the Brocante Market.

I went last month with my husband and a couple of friends and it was magical. Never have I been so happily overwhelmed by the amount of vintage decor and furniture items! We were there for about an hour and a half and ended up paying $75 for a small suitcase, porcelain seafarer mug, two large picture frames, an antique window, a small metal wall sculpture, and a large tavern sign. Basically, amazingness.

So after experiencing this I knew I had to bring Momma along so we could hunt down some deals on vintage items to sell on our Etsy shop and possibly some new project items. 

Here’s a peak at what you can expect from Brocante Market:

Photo: Time to get funky! Market is in TWO days!!! We will be re-stocking all weekend long! Open Sa 9-7 and Su 9-5!Photo: Show us where else you can find a fancy glass chandelier and a mounted fish in the same vignette!  =)  Sneak peek for market- THIS weekend 9/6 + 9/7!
Photo: Sneak peek!!  Lots of goodies coming up at our September Market 9/6 + 9/7!Photo: Sneak Peek!  Market is NEXT WEEKEND 9/6 + 9/7!

The pictures above are all from Brocante Market’s Facebook page but they are also on Instagram and post a lot of their items for sale.

Rest assured, Momma and I will take pictures of anything we purchase and post them on our Instagram as well as do a follow-up post. 🙂 So stay tuned!


A-hunting we will go!