How To: Decorate a Cubicle

Do you work in an office with cubicles? Do you work at one of the cubicles? If you do, you know that the plain, drab cubicle look can really suck the decorator’s soul out of you a little every day. I’m tired of having my soul sucked out so I’ve put my mind to finding fun, clean, and pretty ways to decorate my cubicle.

Empirella actually did a FABULOUS cubicle makeover that I think I want to try myself, though my cubicle is set up a little bit differently and I have three monitors taking up majority of the tabletop space. Here’s a picture of their before and after:


Keeping that in mind, here are some of the different things I want to add to mine:

Fancy mouse pad with gold polka dots

Who says office decor has to be bland? Spice things up like this cute mouse pad with gold dots!

This calendar could be created using a picture frame and a universal calendar as the “art.”
Then, you could use a dry erase marker to write days, months, and notes.

‘Love’ this simple, clean print. Get it?

LOVE what you do, it makes all the difference!

And this one, which would also tie in the gold polka dots on the mouse pad.
Plus, it’s in French!

No regrets

I also want this chair from IKEA so when people come by they have somewhere fun and funky to sit. And it’s only $39!

VILMAR Chair IKEA The chair's melamine surface makes it durable and easy to keep clean.

Have you seen any other examples of fantastic cubicle makeovers? I would love to get some other ideas. Like I mentioned, I have three monitors that cover majority of my desk so I know I’m going to have something of a hard time working around them (one is a HUGE Mac monitor). But, I will prevail!

Want to help me out? Send me links to other pieces of art and decor that would look nice in a cubicle!

Let the no-more-soul-sucking commence,