Toronto’s Distillery District: Industrial Inspiration

My husband and I just returned from a trip up north. We first visited family in Detroit and then decided to take an impromptu trip to Toronto as I had never been to Canada before and my husband had never been to Toronto.

The 4 1/2 hour drive from Detroit isn’t too bad and it’s worth it once you make it to the city.

We visited the Hockey Hall of Fame, the CN Tower, St. Lawrence Market, but what I will always remember was the stunning Distillery District. We didn’t get to stay to see it at night, but it was beautiful during the day. The mix of old, industrial architecture and decor is something that I absolutely love and can snap pictures of all day.

Here are some of my favorite pictures we took of the Distillery District.

Toronto Distillery District SignA picture of the sign when you first walk up to the area.

Old Truck in Toronto Distillery DistrictOne thing you should know about me: I LOVE old trucks like this. And this one was beautifully decayed.

Old Building in Toronto Distillery DistrictThey mix the old with the new so well!

Toronto Distillery DistrictI fell in love with this old walkway/room.

Industrial Doorway in Toronto Distillery DistrictI mean, c’mon! Gorgeous.

Buildings in Toronto Distillery District Oh, to have seen this area in its heyday.

There was this ADORABLE little bakery in the area that I stopped at to grab a chocolate croissant and the inside was breathtaking. If you ever get the chance, please check out the Brick Street Bakery. It was so good!

Have you ever been to Toronto or the Distillery District? What was your favorite part?



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