Motorcycle Gas Tank Decor/Furniture

My husband and I just got back from our first ever Daytona Bike Week. Man, was it an experience! Now, we ride a Triumph Bonneville but you’ll be surrounded by Harleys if you ever go. The main action is in downtown Daytona Beach, which we visited the first night we got there so we could see what goes on and possibly do some shopping.

There are many vendors in the area selling the same “Bike Week’ shirts, leather chaps and motorcycle jackets, side bags, etc., but as we were walking down the main street we came across this awesome store that was selling parts and handmade signs cut from thick sheets of metal; we got a ‘Marines’ one. So we’re browsing around this store before buying our sign and I see these two really cool looking antique motorcycle gas tanks! Well, they were out of my price range, but it got me thinking…what could you make out of an antique motorcycle tank?

And so my internet search began and here’s what I found:

1986-Suzuki-R750-motorcycle’s-fuel-tank-tableAccent Table via Auto Chunk

j0nmhi7Bird Feeder via Imgur

dragonDragon Sculpture via Wilhelm’s Art

Motorcycle_Gas_Tank_LetterboxMailbox via Dante’s Wardrobe

Tank-Bag-motorcycle’s-fuel-tank-as-original-tin-bagBag/Lunchbox via Auto Chunk

Singapore3wClock via Smith Customs

What do you think? Pretty nifty and innovative, right? The gas tanks I saw were $100 and $300 but if you can find one for a bargain then maybe these pictures will inspire you and you’ll make something super cool with it.

Do you have another idea of how to use old motorcycle gas tanks? I’d love to hear them!



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