Decorating with Wicker Chairs

So I’m a younger decorating enthusiast, and with my youth came a misguided revulsion where wicker is concerned. I always thought wicker furniture belonged in my grandmother’s house, but never mine. HOWEVER, my views on the subject have done a complete 180. Now, I wouldn’t mind adding some wicker chairs to accent my dining room chairs or having a set in my living room.

Isn’t it funny how trends are circuitous and what was once considered less than desirable can make a comeback? Love it!

Still think wicker belongs on the porch of a grandmother’s house only? You might change your mind after seeing these beautiful examples of wicker working it!

caeff643abdc2437b20efe7782ccfeccWicker Dining Room Chairs via BHG

ec407298b536869da2b1cf4b68bf0a2dWicker Accent Chair via BHG

f4134e253353Another Wicker Accent Chair via House Beautiful

Adriana-heroAntique/Industrial-Style Wicker Accent Chair via The Design Files

P1110576Wicker Accent Chair in Master Bedroom via Chateau Chic

So what do you think? Is your mind blown yet? I know, I too had to take a moment to admit I had been wrong all along. And, shockingly enough, my mom and I are working on sprucing up two pairs of wicker chairs right now. Here’s a sneak peak at the “before” pictures:


Two are going to be white and two are going to be grey. I’m really excited and will post the “after” pictures as soon as I’m done. Then, we’ll be selling those babies!

Do you have wicker furniture in your house or have you considered adding a piece or two? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Until inspiration strikes again,


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