#PCOTY: Radiant Orchid

In case you’re unaware…the new Pantone Color of the Year (or #PCOTY) is Radiant Orchid. While I’m not a huge fan of adding this color on, say, every wall in a room, I am a fan of this color in sporadic pieces throughout a room or an accent wall. 

I guess I’m not brave enough to do a whole room in Radiant Orchid.

Still not sure how to use this new, vibrant color? Here’s some inspiration:

original_Brian-Patrick-Flynn-PLUM-FUCHSIA-BLACK-entry_s3x4_lgPatterned Wallpaper via HGTV

e8bb16c892fc8ae8601cead9629bde82Twin Chairs via Home Sweet Home

orchid-rugRug via Vintage Pixie

Are you feeling bold? Do you have plans to add your own “orchid” touch to your home? If so, post links to your blog so we can see pictures.

Do you have other ideas of how to incorporate the new #PCOTY?

Have fun!


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